Accidents happen, so it feels amazing to know that Sofashield is there when you need it. 

It's for those occasions when you have an accident, spillage or scratch your sofa - and it comes into its own for preventing those little marks or stains that really annoy you. 

If it's a spillage, or accidental damage to your sofa please contact us using the link at the bottom of this page.

  1.  The damage or stain must be reported within 24 hours.
  2.  Sofashield is not for general soiling and won't provide for cleaning.
  3.  Be careful leaving pets and children unattended.

If you don’t have Sofashield we operate a team of highly skilled upholstery technicians who can tend to your furniture. 

If you have Sofashield you can find the full terms and conditions for the service provider here. If you need to make a claim you can call the provider on 0370 320 0333, or you can follow this link to make a claim online:

If you do not have Sofashield and think you may need to discuss our chargeable technician services you can request support below. 

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