Sofashield must be selected and bought as an additional purchase when you’re in the checkout with your new sofa. Once purchased, it will come to the rescue for almost all damage to your sofa*. It does not provide for general cleaning or wear and tear, but will help when you accidentally stain or mark your sofa, or if there is accidental damage to the internal components, recliner mechanisms and electrical parts.

Sofashield will help keep your sofa looking great. It's there for those occasions when you have accidentally damaged your sofa, and for faults that you find outside of the manufacturer’s or Sofology guarantee period.

If it's an accidental spillage or damage to your sofa give Sofashield a call.

Things to check first:

  1. The damage or stain must be reported as soon as possible, but no later than 28 days after the event.

  2. Sofashield is not for general soiling and won't provide for cleaning.

  3. Be careful leaving unattended pets and children on your sofa

*Terms and conditions apply. View the IPID here.

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