In order to keep your leather sofa in perfect condition, when you’ve finished plumping the cushions you should smooth the cover following the care instructions below. We like to call this the Union Jack method, as it follows the stripes of the Great British flag. 

  • Using clean, dry hands, begin by smoothing your cushions from the centre to the outside following a horizontal, and then a vertical line. 

  • Then, start at the centre again and smooth diagonally out to each corner. Smooth the leather right to the edges and tuck down the sides and back. 

We’re all guilty of having a favourite seat - unfortunately, if you sit on one seat more than the others, you’re bound to end up with one cushion that starts to show signs of extra wear. We always recommend that you try to use your sofa as evenly as possible, changing up where you sit, and flipping or rotating cushions where possible. 

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