In order to make support faster and more effective, we do things a little differently at Sofology. Our support system works through chat and helps you with easy to find knowledge base answers. We find that most support requests are easy to solve by taking time to understand and identify your issue and only then and if needed requesting support.

To find answers you simply visit our chat system and either choose the 'find answers quickly' tool or simply ask the question that you need answers to.

Once you have found the relevant articles and help, that's usually all you need - but if you need our help you can simply log a support request.

The first stage is to visit our support centre to get the answers you need :

If you don't find what you need just raise a support request. Please be sure to choose the right form and to complete it in full with accurate details. Technical support requests require photos of your issue in all cases to ensure a speedy resolution by our expert team.

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