With regular use, you may find that the interiors used within your seat cushion can start to compress, making your seats begin to flatten. This is completely normal, and more common in ranges with softer seat interiors such as fibre filled cushions. The best way to counteract the effects of this is to ensure that you use your sofa evenly, rather than always sitting on the same spot. If you have seats that aren’t fixed, then regularly turning, rotating and plumping your seat cushions will help to avoid this problem. On fixed seating, simply applying firm pressure to the sides and front of your seat cushions will help to plump the seat and encourage the fillings back into place. 

Click below to find out more information about the specific care requirements of each type of seat filling we offer:

Fibre seats

Foam and Dacron wrap seats

Foam, feather & fibre seats

Encore seats

Extraflex seats

Foam and fibre topper seats

Sprung core seats

Fibre and feather seats

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