Waiting for your new sofa to arrive is the most exciting and the most agonising part of the whole process. While you wait for it to be expertly handcrafted and ready for delivery, here are a few simple tips to help you prepare for that all important Delivery Day! Whilst we can take your old sofa away for you if you contact us before delivery, this service costs £129 so we usually recommend that you look into local services that may be cheaper. You may also find some councils offer services that recycle old furniture.

We’re sure you measured up before you headed out sofa shopping - so you know your new furniture is going to be the perfect size for your room - but did you remember to measure your doors and hallways? Getting your sofa inside safely is the trickiest part of the delivery process. We want to make sure that the installation can be completed without damage to either the sofa or your home, so grab your tape measure and just double check the front and back doors to help with planning the delivery route.

Once you’ve finished measuring up you’ll know the best route for our specialist delivery team to take. When the installations team arrive on delivery day, you’ll be able to walk them through the route, advise them of any tight corners and leave it up to their expertise. To make things extra easy, clear any hazards out of the way so there’s as much room as possible to navigate your new sofa through the house.

Once the access route is clear, take a look at your living room. Clearing the room as much as possible before the delivery drivers arrive is the best way to help ensure a smooth installation. It gives the team a little more space to manoeuvre, and you can make sure anything fragile or valuable has been moved safely out of the way. You could even run the vacuum around while there’s no sofa covering the carpet - don’t worry, our tidy installations team will take all their rubbish away with them so there’ll be no mess left behind.

This is the easiest part of the installation! Stand back and do nothing! Our installations team are the experts. They know all the tricks to help get your sofa in safely and quickly so you can rely on them to take charge and get the job done. They’re very respectful of your home so if you need them to take their shoes off, they’ll always oblige. Once the sofa’s in the room, they’ll be sure to fit any feet, plump up any cushions and deliver care advice specific to your new furniture. It’s in safe hands!

The final step? Take a good look at your beautiful new sofa. Is everything as you expected? See anything that concerns you? Now’s the best time to ask questions or raise queries, while our team is still there in your home with all their expertise to help. In the very unlikely event that there is any minor damage to your sofa, our teams are all qualified to assess and repair before they leave. Our ultimate goal is not to leave until you feel at home on a sofa you love, so make sure you give every item a good once over and then it’s finally time to sink back and...relax!

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