We always recommend that you bring out the tape measure before you place your order. As well as measuring the space in your room to make sure the furniture will fit where you envisage it going, it’s well worth taking the time to think about access routes. 

For a successful installation you’ll need to make sure that your new sofa will fit through all the doorways, hallways and, if required, even up staircases in order to make it suitable for your home. This will help ensure a smooth delivery, with no risk of damage to the furniture or your home. 

In the event that delivery cannot be made due to the furniture not fitting in the room or through the access routes, we will always attempt a second delivery free of charge to ensure every effort has been made to successfully install your new furniture. 

If the furniture cannot be installed you may need to consider a return or an exchange. In order to be eligible for this your furniture will need to be unused and still in the original packaging, and rejected at the point of delivery. Returning or exchanging your order may incur a 30% fee.

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