What is aniline leather?

Learn about how aniline leather looks and feels, with general care advice to help maintain it.

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Aniline leather is left untreated to emphasise its natural characteristics. This can include life-like features such as scars, scratches and brand marks - each one telling a story, making the piece of leather completely unique and adding to its charm. Aniline leather just gets better with age, and it’s reassuringly warm to the touch, offering a blissful spot to sink into at the end of the day. 

An aniline leather sofa needs to be cherished and invested in with specialist care treatments to keep it looking its best. This style of leather is much better suited to households with adults and older children and where it won’t be exposed to your four legged friends. If you love the distressed look, this one’s for you. 

Aniline leather is very easily scratched and marked, so it does need to be treated with care. If you take the time to condition it twice a year and appreciate the natural beauty that comes with an untreated leather, you’ll enjoy the softness and luxury of your aniline sofa for years to come. 

Why not invest in a specialist leather care kit to keep your aniline leather in great condition? Care kits cost £39 each or two for £60. You can pick these up in store or order them over the phone on 0800 140 40 40. 

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