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What is pigmented or protected leather?
What is pigmented or protected leather?

Learn all about protected, pigmented leather, how it looks and general care requirements.

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Pigmented leather is the most durable leather type. The generous protective coating will keep your sofa safe from spills, be more resilient to scratching and help the leather stay looking new for longer. This means it’s perfect for young families or households with cheeky pets that like to jump on the sofa! 

Granted, there are much fewer natural characteristics in pigmented leather, but the maintenance level is super-low. It’s not uncommon for some of the hide’s natural markings to still show, despite the protective coating that’s been applied. It all adds to the natural beauty of the leather, and is a real mark of authenticity.

A quick, but fairly regular, wipe down of this leather type should keep it looking great. Like all leather, make sure you apply a leather conditioner at least twice a year to stop it drying out and keep it feeling really soft and supple. 

Why not invest in a specialist leather care kit to keep your pigmented leather in great condition? Care kits cost £39 each or two for £60. You can pick these up in store or order them over the phone on 0800 140 40 40. 

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