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Cleaning and conditioning your leather sofa
Cleaning and conditioning your leather sofa

Find out the best way to clean your leather sofa and how to use our care kits.

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Every leather sofa needs regular care and maintenance. By keeping them clean and free from surface dust build up, it will extend the life of your product significantly.

Importantly, you should never try to clean your leather sofa with any cleaning products that are not approved by Sofology, especially baby wipes, washing up liquid or other cleaning products as they may contain de-greasing agents that dry and damage the leather over time. 

There are several types of natural leather used on Sofology leather sofas. We don't use leather substitues and there are different requirements for each type of leather. That's why we have developed our own specialist range of cleaning products, all of which are approved for use on each of the leathers that we use.

Along with careful instructions about how to clean leather, these kits include gentle cleaning products and leather conditioner. Conditioning the leather revives the sheen and keeps it lubricated, supple and soft. Conditioner should be applied at least twice a year to prevent the leather becoming discoloured, dry and brittle.

It's important to note that on lighter coloured leathers, care should be taken with heavily dyed clothing such as jeans. These dyes can transfer easily onto the leather and can become impossible to remove, casting a haze over the leather. We offer protection creams to reduce this effect, which should be applied twice yearly but wearing damp clothes and jeans should be avoided on all furniture.

Care kits cost £39 each or two for £60. You can pick these up in store or order them over the phone on 0800 140 40 40.

Important tip: To avoid water marks after cleaning we advise that you dampen a colourfast cloth with boiled water from a kettle and gently wipe the entire panel or cushion from seam to seam. This will help to prevent any water stains as the leather dries.

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