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What if I spill on my leather sofa?
What if I spill on my leather sofa?

Learn how to deal with a spill on your leather sofa.

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Need to know how to clean leather in an emergency? If you’ve spilled something on your leather sofa the sooner you act, the more effectively you’ll be able to remove the stain. Start by blotting up as much of the excess liquid as possible. Use a clean, dry cloth and gently dab (never rub), moving the liquid towards the centre of the spillage. 

When the excess liquid has been blotted up, you can gently wipe the area with a clean, damp cloth, rinsing regularly until the stain has been removed. Allow to dry naturally and always follow up with leather conditioner to stop the area becoming dry and brittle.

Invest in a specialist leather care kit to help remove any stains. Care kits cost £39 each or two for £60. You can pick these up in store or order them over the phone on 0800 140 40 40. 

Important tip: To avoid water marks after cleaning we advise that you dampen a colourfast cloth with boiled water from a kettle and gently wipe the entire panel or cushion from seam to seam. This will help to prevent any water stains as the leather dries.

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