Unlike simple courier delivery, sofa delivery can be complex. Sofas are large and difficult items to install into homes and challenges are common when our teams arrive at different properties. It means that we are cautious when promising a time.

On the day of delivery or the night before, you will receive a 3-4 hour window for delivery. Your delivery team will usually keep you updated on the day and we do have a high success rate in terms of hitting our planned window.

We realise that 4 hours is not as specific as you would like but unfortunately unforeseen challenges mean that to promise a shorter window of time will result in failure to keep that promise. 

Whilst it may well be tempting to call chasing delivery times, we ask that you do not try to contact our teams as they will be unable to commit to a specific arrival time. This is because a delivery can take between 15 minutes at one property and 2 hours at another.

If our team are running late or early, they will always keep you updated, so if they don't call or get in touch with you, you can assume your delivery will be within the notified time.

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