How to look after a Fibre filling

Find care advice and guidelines on how to maintain fibre cushions, and keep them looking great.

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Cushions filled with fibre require regular maintenance to keep them looking full, and feeling cosy.

Fibre filled cushions are incredibly soft and cosy. Like cotton wool, the fibre inside is easy to compress and can become matted if not looked after correctly. Over time, with normal use, the fibre may flatten, and your cushions will begin to look less plump - which, in turn, will make the sofa covering look slightly looser.

As long as you regularly turn, rotate and plump your cushions, this is easy to avoid. Make sure you don’t sit in the same spot every evening and take the time to shake out or beat the air back into your cushions before you head to bed each night. This will keep them really comfortable and looking their best.

Here are before and after shots showing how regular maintenance will help keep your sofa looking great. Watch the video to see how to achieve this at home.

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