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How do I use the leather care kit?
How do I use the leather care kit?

Find out how to use a care kit to clean marks and stains from your leather sofa.

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Keeping your new sofa looking like new is going to be one of your main priorities. Unfortunately it’s inevitable that spills and stains will happen. We all eat and drink on our sofas, and if you have kids or pets in the household, the chances of your sofa needing a clean from time to time are much higher.

The best way to look after any leather sofa is to give it a thorough vacuum every week. This will help to make sure that no gritty particles have the chance to scratch or damage the leather of your sofa.

To make cleaning easier, we’ve developed specialist cleaning products to deal with the most common spills and stains. This care kit includes a variety of products to help keep the leather of your sofa looking spotless and beautiful.

There are products tailored to everyday and more resistant stains, so you’ll have everything you need to tackle any pesky little marks on the leather of your sofa. These cleaning products are carefully developed to be gentle yet effective and are the only products we recommend using to clean the natural leather on your sofa.

With any kind of spill it’s always best to act as soon as possible. Full instructions are provided with your care kit but you should blot up as much of the liquid as you can immediately and then use the appropriate product from your care kit to remove any staining. Make sure that any cloths you use to absorb or rinse are clean and colourfast.

After cleaning leather you should apply the leather protection cream from the kit to prevent drying out or cracking of the leather.

Care kits cost £39 each or two for £60. You can pick these up in store or order them over the phone on 0800 140 40 40. 

Important tip: To avoid water marks after cleaning we advise that you dampen a colourfast cloth with boiled water from a kettle and gently wipe the entire panel or cushion from seam to seam. This will help to prevent any water stains as the leather dries.

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