Why is the leather pooled?

It's normal for leather to stretch and crease with use. Learn this simple technique to smooth your leather sofa.

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All sofas need a little care to keep them looking their best - and your natural, leather sofa is no different. As leather is a natural product, it can be expected to stretch with use - think about how leather shoes soften and crease as you wear them.

Through normal use you may notice that the leather on your favourite seat can become creased or look stretched or loose. This is referred to as ‘leather pooling’, which is a side effect of normal use and to be expected from any natural leather sofa. With the right care techniques and maintenance, the effects are easy to reduce.

In order to keep your leather furniture in tip-top condition follow the care instructions below, which we like to call the Union Jack method as it follows the stripes of the Great British flag.

Using clean, dry hands, begin by smoothing your cushions from the centre to the outside following a horizontal, and then a vertical line. Then, start at the centre again and smooth diagonally out to each corner. Smooth the leather right to the edges and tuck down the sides and back.

This technique is referred to as ‘dressing’ your sofa. Little and often is the best way to make sure your seats look plump and your leather looks smooth.

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