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Why are there marks on my leather?
Why are there marks on my leather?

Marks on your natural leather sofa are normal and no reason for concern.

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Natural leather is something that we’re passionate about at Sofology.

We don't offer any sofas with fake or leather-look substitutes on any part - not even the backs or sides. Imitation leather is less durable than the natural, authentic leather used on all Sofology sofas and, more importantly, it doesn’t feel anywhere near as soft, warm and supple as the real thing.

When it comes to natural leather, the clue is in the name. Natural leather, truly is natural. It has a rich heritage, with the history of the animal showing in every mark and grain of their hide. Marks and scars in leather are characteristic of an authentic leather hide. They can appear as veins, stretch marks, grain differences, inconsistency in the surface of the leather, brand marks, insect bites or raised scars with a lighter or darker shading. As the skin heals, the resulting scar tissue actually becomes much more dense and stronger than the surrounding skin. This means you don’t have to worry about imperfections in the natural hide being weak points in the leather - if anything they make the leather stronger and more durable.

All of these natural differences in the animal’s hide create a truly unique look that adds to the aesthetic appeal of your leather sofa. No two hides are ever the same. Your sofa can be covered in as many as 5 full hides, sewn together to create a stunning and truly unique piece of furniture. You should expect to see differences between each hide, and find that this adds to the natural beauty and unique nature of your leather sofa.

Not all natural leather is the same though, as we offer a choice of durabilities to suit everybody’s lifestyle. Whilst the characteristics of natural leather are less visible in pigmented leather, they are still present. This means that variation in the hides, marks, and scars can be expected to be present and should be viewed as markers of the authenticity and quality of your product.

Learn more about each type of leather:


Aniline leather is left completely untreated to emphasise its natural characteristics. This can include life-like features such as scars, scratches and brand marks - each one telling a story, making the piece of leather completely unique and adding to its charm. Aniline leather gets better with age, and it’s reassuringly warm to the touch, offering a blissful spot to sink into at the end of the day.

Semi Aniline

With a layer of protection applied that doesn’t detract from the beautiful, unique features of the natural leather, semi aniline offers the best of both worlds. You’ll still notice the natural leather characteristics, but they won’t be as obvious as those featured on aniline leather. If you’ve got a busy family, the light protective coating on this leather could save the day.


Pigmented leather is the most durable leather type. The generous protective coating will keep your sofa safe from spills, be more resilient to scratching and help the leather stay looking newer for longer. There are much fewer natural characteristics in pigmented leather, but you can still expect to notice variation in the hides and faint scars and scratches.

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