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Can dye transfer be removed from the leather?
Can dye transfer be removed from the leather?

How to deal with dye transfer on your leather sofa.

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Once it has occurred, dye transfer is almost impossible to remove. Prevention is the best cure. Light coloured leather sofas can be at risk from discolouration due to dye transfer from dark or bright coloured clothing, scatter cushions or throws. This usually builds up over time but can also happen if damp clothing, wet towels or even printed newspapers are placed directly onto the furniture.

Prevention is key where there is risk of dye transfer, as there is little that can be done to reduce the effects once it has occurred. If you have purchased a light coloured sofa, it is a good idea to make sure that any scatter cushions or throws placed on the sofa are colourfast.

Dark coloured clothing, in particular jeans, are often a major culprit of dye transfer onto your furniture - so it may be best to change into lighter coloured clothing before you settle onto your sofa for the evening. Another way to counteract this effect is to make sure you use your furniture evenly, regularly clean, rotate and flip cushions where possible.

The best way to ensure you have peace of mind with Sofashield. This will protect you in the event of accidental dye transfer on the leather of your sofa. It may be that part of your sofa may need to be replaced. You can use Sofashield as many times as you need for 5 years, up to the cost of your sofa.
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Important tip: To avoid water marks after cleaning we advise that you dampen a colourfast cloth with boiled water from a kettle and gently wipe the entire panel or cushion from seam to seam. This will help to prevent any water stains as the leather dries.

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